Ladies Night for your Partner

When last did that special someone in your life get to have a real decent ladies night.

No, I am not really talking about the night when you get left at home to watch the kids while she goes out pretending to have some fun with her bachelor friends, when she would actually far rather be spending a romantic night at home with you.

I am talking about a ladies night when you, her partner, satisfy her every need and every desire. She could be Screaming with Desire.Ok I know that you are maybe not there yet, but with just a little help from a friend, you could soon be having her entering into the wonderful world of sexual bliss and fullfilment everytime you go to bed. No not once a month, not even once a week, but every single night and more.

You will become her Special Ladies Night – every night.

When you join forces with Male Extra you will soon find that Male Extra not only becomes your best friend, but will also become her best friend. She will never need to go on those boring Ladies nights out again because her Ladies night will be at home — every single night!

Male Extra is going to help you make all your dreams come true in what is going to be a three pronged attack on improving your sexual endeavours.

1) Increase Libido. In all probability your libido has slipped a bit and you are not as sexually active as you once were.

Male Extra is going to change that. With the special formula that includes the amazing Pomegranate 70% Ellagic, your libido is going to be driving you as it increases by an amazing 200%.

2) Bigger and Better Penis. When you join Male extra you get free access to the Penis Health exercise system which is going to make your penis bigger and stronger than ever before.

Not only will you experience harder, stronger and bigger erections, but you will also gain the technique of ejaculation control so that you can go as long as you want before you ejaculate.

3) Amazing Orgasms. With your Male Extra alone you will notice an increase in semen quantity. However when you add the Performer 5 supplement that you get with Male Extra (5 months supply), your semen quantity will be boosted by up to 500%.

So much more semen means incredible mind blowing orgasms and even the very scarce multiple orgasm becomes possible.Simply by harnessing the extra power that Male Extra will place in your hands, you will become the best lover that she ever had.

P.S. Just in case she can no longer keep up with you it may be wise to invest in a libido enhancer for her.

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